Crossbow Sales & Service

All brands of crossbows are serviced at Little Jon's Archery.

All Crossbows bought at Little Jon's Archery INCLUDE full set up of the crossbow. When you pick up your crossbow, we will walk you through:

  • Loading the Crossbow (safely)
  • Pulling or Cranking the Crossbow
  • Shooting The Crossbow
  • De-Cocking the Crossbow
  • Sighting the Crossbow in at 20 Yards and the finer points of using the Crossbow Scope.
  • Proper maintenance of your new Crossbow!
We have an outdoor range that goes out to 60 yards. You are welcome to complete the sighting in process so we can help you if you run into any problems. Our outdoor crossbow range is $10/hour.

In the case that your crossbow would need warranty work, all crossbows purchased at Little Jon's Archery (Wisconsin's Crossbow headquarters!) will automatically be pushed to the front of the line if there is a backlog of work.

When you take all of this into consideration...why would you buy your crossbow anywhere else?
The Mission Crossbows Advantage: Adjustability, Affordable, Performance and best of all, Legendary Support! Mission takes great pride in pushing the boundaries of design and performance to provide the best all-around crossbow experience for our customers. Mission believes that the best archery experience goes beyond the product which is why all Mission crossbows come with a lifetime warranty!
There IS no substitute for TenPoint Crossbows! New are the TenPoint Carbon Phantom RCX, Renegade and the Eclipse RCX . Tough and reliable TenPoint Crossbows are feature-packed for precision performance.

Perfection lives here. When all that stands between you and that 10-point buck is a six-mile trek, thirty yards, and your own will to succeed. this is where perfection lives. This is TenPoint.
Pound for pound, dollar for dollar, the best crossbow value on the market today. Designed, engineered, manufactured, and tested right here in America, Wicked Ridge truly embodies all the qualities you've come to expect from a company that pioneered many of the world's finest crossbow technologies.
Ravin Crossbows have been designed from the stock forward to deliver superior accuracy, more punishing downrange energy and a better shooting experience, all this in the most compact crossbow to ever fire an arrow. At 6 inches axle-axle, it is the most compact crossbow ever created.